Each Video is a 4-Part Class Video set put into one large video. You can click the play button below on each to see a little preview. You can also visit our full video channel at Pivotshare for a full description of each video. There is a button to click on each video below to purchase or you can also purchase from our Pivotshare channel page. The videos have been segmented into Semesters, and more are coming very soon, with Semester 1 & 2 being up at the moment.

Once you purchase the videos you can download them, or you can just watch them online. These are DRM Protected videos so you can download them a total of 3 times to your devices (computers, tablets, phones) but you can also watch them online with your own login which you will set up at the time of purchasing.

Semester 1

Semester 1, Class 1 - Real Faith!

Semester 1, Class 2 - The Total Man

Semester 2

Semester 2, Class 1 - The Word

Semester 2, Class 2 - The Faith of the Patriarchs

Full Video Channel

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